рабочая тетрадь STUDENT WORKSHEET

   Your name:                                 

 Author and title of the book (story):                                  


 1. Speak of the author in brief. 

- the epoch (social and historical background) 

- the literary trend he/she belongs to  



2.Type of the story: psychological, historical, detective, science-fiction, documentary, mixed type etc.



 3. State the problem tackled by the authorand formulate the main idea conveyed (the main line of the thought, the author’s message).Are there any evident symbols? What does title indicate about the theme? What moral inference can be drawn from the story?


 4. Introduce the main characters of the story(names, age, social status,  relationships between them  etc.)



5. Speak about the ways in which characters are shown: 

-through their actions, thoughts or speech (indirect characterization);

-how they dress, their appearance, portrait and gesture details  etc .(direct characterization).


 6.Define the prevailing mood (tone, slant) of the story  (extract). It may be lyrical, dramatic, tragic, optimistic/pessimistic, melodramatic, sentimental, emotional/unemotional, pathetic, dry and matter-of-fact, gloomy, bitter, sarcastic, cheerful, etc.



 7. Does the plot progress chronologically? (exposition, complication, climax, outcome)OR  are there flashbacks and foreshadowing?



 8.The part(or scene, episode, descriptive passage, author’s digressions) which has been given the greatest emphasis?. Explain why?



9.Individual style of the author is seen in the use of….(point out the author’s language means and stylistic devices which make up the essential properties of his individual style).



 10. Sum up your observations, share your impression and draw conclusions (what you liked BEST ( or LEAST), whether you share the views of the author etc.)



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