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Kalomira Video Biography

Kalomira's video biography of her accomplishments and career highlights up to now (2011).

Kalomira - Secret Combination (Greece) 2008 Eurovision Song Contest

Powered by: http://www.eurovision.tv We are already counting down to the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest in Baku. We do that by ...

Kalomira & George's Wedding Slideshow

Kalomira and George's slide show played during the wedding reception. Kalomira wanted everyone to see it! Enjoy!

Will Kalomira sing for Greece at Eurovision 2020?

Kalomira Sarantis has been approached by her record label to sing at Eurovision 2020 according to Greek media Happy Day.

Kalomira Introducing her Dancers for the Arizona show!

Kalomira is currently rehearsing in NYC for her Arizona show that is on Sept. 16th. In this video she introduces her fabulous new ...

Kalomira Interview at Los Angeles Greek Film Festival

Egyptian Theatre Hollywood, California 6/26/2009 The Los Angeles fan club caught up with Kalomira at the Egyptian Theatre for ...

Kalomira - My Secret Combination (Greece) Live 2008 Eurovision Song Contest

Kalomira represented Greece at the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest in Belgrade with the song My Secret Combination

Kalomira - A Night at Nikolakis

Kalomira does a video for her fans while out at dinner at Nikolakis in her horio, Niata! English translation: A Night at Nikolakis Hey ...

Kalomira's video to Tatiana!

Kalomira sends a video to Tatiana Stefanidou!

Kalomira - Behind the Scenes of This is the Time Music Video Part 1

Kalomira does a video for her fans while taking a break from making the music video to This is the Time! English Translation: ...

Kalomira - Aksizei Na to Zeis

Kalomira does a humorous backstage video for her fans before appearing on the show Aksizei Na to Zeis with Tatiana Stefanidou!

H Kalomira sti Natalia 24/10/09

Kalomoira on Mes Tin Kali Xara on October 24, 2009! Thanks Kalomoira.net.

Meet Kalomira's Choreographer!

Meet Kalomira's choreographer from NYC. His name is Bijan and he has worked with many huge names including...Jay Z ...

Kalomira Message - June 16, 2011

Kalomira talks about her MTV interview and her Nitro Photoshoot!

Kalomira - Interview - Larisa

H Kalomira vrisketai sthn Larisa kai dinei sunenteuksi (se mia foititria) , tragoudaei akapela to Mia zwi kai kanei to diko ths, ...

Kalomira Sarantis -Tora- subtitulos en castellano

Kalomira Sarantis -Tora- subtitulos en castellano Lorena&Ana Productions Traducido y hecho por: Lalore02.

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